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2012 Seminar Schedule

  • April 14-15 Chicago Midwest Pond and Koi Society
  • August 11-12 Charleston, SC Charleston Showa Koi Club

Hello. Welcome to the Kodama Koi Academy.

I assume that you have read the article in the Koi USA (May issue) before you came to  this site. As I stated in the Koi USA article, I believe the best solution for making the Japanese born Nishikigoi popular to the world is to establish a school of Nishikigoi.

Do you own any Nishikigoi?

Are you thinking about owning Nishikigoi in near future?

Have you ever thought about being a Nishikigoi dealer?

Whatever your thoughts are, you came to this home page to find out more about Nishikigoi. So let me introduce you to Kodama Koi Academy, the school of Nishikigoi.
First of all, my school is quite simple. I will talk about the things I experienced and the  knowledge I have gained  through my 45 years career as a koi dealer.

Mamoru Kodama
Mamoru Kodama

Master Class Program

Nishikigoi has been developed in the countryside of Japan over generations. The beauty is even described as the living jewels.  Learning the mistery of living jewels is the life time study. This master class program is designed by the top authority for you to learn more about Nishikigoi in a structured way.


Course Name Contents
Kohaku Kohaku
Taisho Sanke Taisho Sanke
Showa Showa
Utsurimono Utsurimono
Goshiki / Koromo Goshiki / Koromo
Asagi / Shusui Asagi / Shusui
Hikarimono Hikarimuji, Hikarimoyo, HikariUtsuri
Kawarimono Chagoi, Ochibashigure, Kumonryu etc.

Who should attend

Those who are willing to learn Koi seriously including all the Koi lovers and Koi dealers.


Kokugyo I & II


Certificate will be issued upon the completion of each course.


See Schedule page.


Email us at Koiacademy@kodamakoifarm.com
Call at 808-354-7032


There are extra curriculums for those of you who wish to study more.
(50 min per topic--- $10.00 for lesson) 

A: The History of Nishikigoi

1--- Life span of Nishikigoi
2--- The people who are dedicated to Nishikigoi
3--- The people who produced new variety koi
4--- The process of variety improvement --- bloodline
5--- Time map and variety --- biographical note for each variety
6--- The history of Niigata’s Nishikigoi --- Why Niigata?

B:  The Improvements in Nishikigoi

1--- How did they make beautiful Nishikigoi?
2--- Changes along the bloodlines
3--- What is variety improvement for Nishikigoi?
4--- The method of making new varieties --- the evaluation for new varieties
5--- Crossbreeding

C: Variety

1--- What are varieties? ---  variety of breed
2--- Who names those breed of koi?
3--- How did koi come up with varieties of color and patterns?
4--- Will there be any other new varieties?
5--- old variety and new variety
6--- The variety which no longer exist.

D: Special Terms Used for Nishikigoi

1--- How to use special terms?
2--- The meaning of the special terms.
3--- The classification of the terms. -- The terms used for the body parts, the quality, and for the “Nishikigoi talk.”
4--- Pronunciation of the terms.

E: Breeders of Nishikigoi

1--- About Nishikigoi breeders --- their operations.
2--- The substance of breeders --- the number of breeders
3--- The famous breeders --- their brands
4--- Breeders’ skills and their goals.

F: The Koi Show

1--- What was the purpose of  koi shows?
2--- When and where was the first koi show held?
3--- How did it effect Nishikigoi?
4--- The role of today’s koi shows.
5--- How to enjoy koi shows.

G: Judging Nishikigoi

1--- The skill that is required to judge Nishikigoi
2--- Who can become a judge?
3--- How to examine (judge) Nishikigoi

H: The Value of Nishikigoi

1--- How is the value of Nishikigoi set?
2--- Who determines the value?
3--- How to distinguish the value

I: The Changes in Nishikigoi

1--- What are changes in Nishikigoi
2--- The good changes and the bad changes
3--- Rules for the changes
4--- How do changes occur?
5--- The koi that changes and the koi that doesn’t change

J:  Food

1--- What is good food?
2--- What is bad food?
3--- Why do you need the color-up food?
4--- The history of the color-up food
5--- The best koi food preferred by the most people today
6--- About Kodama koi food
7--- Feeding amount
8--- The effect when you don’t feed them as often

K: How to Handle Nishikigoi

1--- The right way to handle --- what not to do?

L: About Quarantine

1--- What is quarantine? What is the purpose for quarantine?
2--- The things to keep in mind at the time of quarantine
3--- Preventions and treatments
4--- The quarantine for Tosai koi and large size koi
5--- The saline (salt) quarantine and the quarantine with sunlight

M: Transporting Nishikigoi

1--- The tools you need
2--- The condition for the transportation
3--- Converting the way to transport

N: The Pond for Nishikigoi

1--- Mud ponds and fountain ponds
2--- The ideal pond for Nishikigoi
3--- The indoor pond

O: Purchasing Nishikigoi

1--- Things you should do --- things you should know
2--- The rules you should know when purchasing koi     
3--- Hints for finding a good koi
4--- Where to purchase koi

2012 Aloha Koi Show